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Hardwood floors are known for their unique beauty and simple maintenance. They don't get dirty the way carpets do, and they're excellent options for allergy sufferers. Hardwood is available in a wide variety of materials. Solid wood flooring, such as oak, is extremely sturdy, and it will last for many years if given the proper care. If you'd like something a little less sensitive to moisture content in the air, consider engineered hardwood flooring, which is less susceptible to shrinkage and expansion than solid wood, making it suitable for moist environments. The construction of engineered hardwood consists of solid wood layered with plywood or MDF as the backing. It's an excellent choice for below-grade floors, such as split-levels and basements. Once installed, it has an appearance identical to solid hardwood.
When it comes to carpets, our extensive color palette allows you to select the shade that best matches your desired color scheme. We also offer the popular Berber carpet at our warehouse, an option that's unique in that it does not show footprints or tracks from the vacuum cleaner. The thickness of Berber makes it less likely to hold onto debris than other types of carpeting. Wall-to-wall Berber carpeting is popular among those with allergies and small children.
Unlike vinyl flooring, linoleum is made from all-natural materials. As linoleum ages, it reveals layers of color that were previously unseen. This material is sturdy, and it can last for up to 40 years in commercial environments. Linoleum is also used as a backsplash for kitchen sinks and countertops.
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